• An NUP Government will...

    - Improve our Education System

    - Resuscitate our failing Economy

    - Revitalize our Agricultural and other key Sectors

    An NUP Government will...

    Upgrade our dilapidated health care system while providing affordable health delivery services


    We know we have a winning formula and can win this election! We need your support to usher in an NUP Government. Please donate via any of the options below...

    As we approach the most important election in our history on December 4th, we are soliciting financial donations from Gambians at home and abroad to support our campaign programmes.
    Our novel fundraising strategy is to encourage financial assistance from philanthropists rather than major patrons. The party is going to rely on small donations from its membership and Gambians at home and abroad.

    With your support we can achieve the goals listed above. No donation is small in this endeavour. It’s NUP 2021, so donate and vote NUP!

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