NUP Welcomes You to join us re-brand the Smiling Coast of West Africa, The Gambia, Our Homeland!

    NUP Gambia Party Chairman

    Fellow Gambians and members of the National Unity Party (NUP), it could be recalled that the NUP was established in August 2018 and got registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) on 5th October 2020. A cardinal philosophy of the party’s founders was to build a people’s movement with a shared vision and interest in national development to create a merit-based government and not due to party affiliation. To set the standards, a resolution was adopted at inception that none of the founders shall vie for the positions of Party Chairmanship or Presidential candidacy. The two-term limit is an upheld value of the NUP. The standard-bearer of the Party will serve for no more than two consecutive terms both at the helm of the party and as a President of The Gambia when elected. This philosophy of the party projects and portrays that the true membership of the body rests entirely on the collective entity of its bona fide members and not on any one individual.

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    The need to unite all the people of The Gambia, irrespective of political, racial, religious, and tribal affiliations, the need to curb the rise in corruption, and the need to improve the standard of living for all Gambians is the cornerstone of the NUP socio-economic development agenda. The NUP development programme lays emphasis on decentration of power to local level, enhancing the business and investment environment of The Gambia to attract both domestic and foreign direct investment that will support the generation of income, employment opportunities, particularly for Gambian youth, and to provide good quality and affordable health care and education system.

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    If you are ready for a dynamic political change and you believe in honesty, transparency, accountability, equal opportunities for all Gambians, inclusiveness, putting The Gambia first and protecting our environment and natural resources jealously, you are in the right place. Join the National Unity Party today for a brighter future. “The actions we take today, will determine the future of our homeland, The Gambia and the future of our children! It’s not about being the best, it’s about being better than we were yesterday”.

    Without mincing further words, I thank you greatly, and implore unto you, for the love of Gambia, vote NUP come 4th of December 2021.